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    • About Us

      The ICAR-Indian Institute of Water Management (formerly Directorate of Water Management) was established by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research on 12 May 1988. The Institute aims to develop improved water management technologies for sustainable agricultural production and disseminate it amongst researchers, government functionaries, NGOs and farmers. The Centre is located at Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar on a 5.71 ha of land along with its main office-cum-laboratory building, guest house and residential complex. Research farm of the Institute (63.71 ha of farm land) is located at Deras, Mendhasal which is at 30 km away from main campus.

    • Vision

      Sustainable development of water management technologies for enhanced water and agricultural productivities and improved livelihoods.

    • Mission

      Basic, applied and strategic research to address water management issues with institutional linkages, infrastructural support and capacity building for achieving sustainable growth.

    • Mandate

        • To undertake basic and applied research for developing strategies for efficient management of on-farm water resources to enhance agricultural productivity on sustainable basis.
        • To provide leadership role and coordinate network of research with the state agricultural universities in generating location specific technologies for efficient use of water resources.
        • To act as a centre for training in research methodologies and technology update in the area of agricultural water management.
        • To collaborate with the national and international agencies in achieving the above objectives.
    • Programmes

      Indian Institute of Water Management conducts its research activities in the field of agricultural water management through five Research Programmes as follows:

        • Rainwater Management Programme
        • Canal water Management Programme
        • Groundwater Management Programme
        • Waterlogged area Management Programme
        • Onfarm-research and Transfer of Technology Programme

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