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Agriculture Water Management Portal

Water is a natural resource which is a fundamental to life, livelihood, food security and sustainable development. India has more than 17 percent of the world’s population, but has only 4% of world’s renewable water resources with 2.6% of world’s land area. There are further limits on utilizable quantities of water owing to uneven distribution over time and space.

With a growing population and rising needs of a fast developing nation as well as the given indications of the impact of climate change, availability of utilizable water will be under further strain in future with the possibility of deepening water conflicts among different user groups. Low consciousness about the scarcity of water and its life sustaining and economic value, results in its mismanagement, wastage and inefficient use.

In addition, there are inequities in distribution and lack of a unified perspective in planning, management and use of water resources. Rapid industrialisation and urbanization coupled with continuous decline in per capita water availability is putting a lot of pressure on the available water resources in the country. As per report of standing sub-Committee for assessment of availability and requirements of water for diverse uses in the country, the future water requirements for meeting the demands of various sections in the country for the year 2025 and 2050 have been estimated to be 1093 BCM and 1447 BCM respectively. The increasing gap between water availability and demand highlights the need for conservation and proper utilization of water. There is no proper web based information system on agriculture water management. The objective is to provide information about the proper management of water resources in agricultural development in the country.

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