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  • Completed / Ongoing/ New In-house Projects

    • A. List of In-house Research Projects Completed during 2018-19

      Sl. No. Project Code Project Title PI Name


      Drainage planning of eastern coast delta using geo-informatics Dr. S.K. Jena
      2 IIWM/15/172  Evaluation of feasibility of enhancing irrigation efficiency in canal command through improved surface and pressurized irrigation methods by adding adjunct service reservoir and open dug well Dr. R.K. Panda
      3 IIWM/15/173  Inter-regional virtual water trade in India through agro-based products Dr. G. Kar
      4 IIWM/15/175 Density dependent water use in coastal aquaculture of Litopenaeus vannamei Dr. R.K. Mohanty
      5 Exploratory trial Evaluating rice ratooning under different management practices to crop and water productivity Dr. A.K. Thakur
    • B. List of In-house Ongoing Research Projects 

      Sl. No. Project Code Project Title PI  Name
      1 IIWM/15/168 Water and nutrient self-reliant farming system for rainfed area under high rainfall zone Dr. S.K. Rautaray
      2 IIWM/15/170 Impact assessment study of using industrial wastewater on sunflower (Helianthus annus L.) and mustard (Brassica nigra L.) grown in peri-industrial area of Angul, Odisha Dr. R. Dubey
      3 IIWM/15/171 Developing the process for remediation of chromium from polluted water sources Dr. M. Das
      4 IIWM/15/174 Enhancing water productivity through water management in transplanted and aerobic rice in canal command area Dr. K.G. Mandal
      5 IIWM/15/176 Enhancing water productivity through intensive horticultural system in degraded land Dr. S. Pradhan
      6 IIWM/16/177 Benchmarking of public irrigation schemes for improving performance of irrigated agriculture Dr. A. Mishra
      7 IIWM/16/178 Socio-economic and environmental linkages of groundwater irrigation in selected aquifers of India Dr. D. K. Panda
      8 IIWM/16/179 Water use efficient practices for successful establishment and yield enhancement of pulse crops in rice based cropping system in seasonal waterlogged ecosystem Dr. P.S. Brahmanand
      9 IIWM/16/180  Design and field evaluation of groundwater recharge structures for hard rock region
      Dr. R.R. Sethi
      10 IIWM/16/181 Development of web-based expert system on agricultural water management Dr. A.K. Nayak
      11 IIWM/16/182 Enhancing yield and water productivity of rice-fallow areas of eastern India through super absorbent polymers (SAP) Dr. S. Pradhan
      12 IIWM/16/183 Development and evaluation of mini pan evaporimeter for on-farm irrigation scheduling Mr. N. Manikandan
      13 IIWM/16/184 Evaluation of land shaping options for increasing farm income in coastal waterlogged area Dr. S. Roy Chowdhury
      14 IIWM/16/185 Assessment of groundwater contamination due to excess fertilizer and pesticide uses and its management in lower Godavari basin Dr. A. Sarkar / P. Deb Roy
      15 IIWM/16/186 Smart water management system in agriculture Dr. D. Sethi
      16 IIWM/16/187  
      Socio-economic evaluation of water related interventions under MNREGA
      Dr. H.K. Dash
    • C. List of In-house New Research Project

      Sl. No. Project Code Project Title PI  Name
      1 IIWM/18/188  Water management using artificial substrate induced periphyton biomass in zero-water exchange shrimp culture system Dr. R.K. Mohanty
      2 IIWM/18/189 Impact of water stress on growth and physiology of rice under different crop management practices Dr. A.K. Thakur
      3 IIWM/18/190 Arsenic contamination in rice and possibility of mitigation through organic and chemical amendments Mr. Partha Deb Roy
      4 IIWM/18/191 Refinement of small scale online wastewater filter for safe irrigation practice Dr. M. Raychaudhuri
      5 IIWM/18/192


      Analysing the functioning of water user association in different irrigation command Dr. M.K. Sinha
      6 IIWM/18/193


      Impacts of land-atmosphere interactions on dry-hot episodes in India Dr. D.K. Panda

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