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Research Bulletins

Bulletin No. TITLE Year of Publication
81 Assessing current and future risk to groundwater due to climate change in a sugarcane growing area 2018
80 Technologies for Sustainable Groundwater Management 2018
79 Delineation of Waterlogged Areas using Spatial Techniques for Suitable Crop Management in Eastern India 2018
01/2017 Post-flood Mangement Options for Agricultural Sector in selected Districts of Bihar and Odisha(ICAR-IWMI Extension Bulletien No.01/2017) 2017
78 Water Management Technologies for Different Agro-Ecological Conditions 2016
77 Groundwater Level Forecasting in a Deltaic Aquifer of Eastern India using Artificial Neural Network Approach 2016
76 Manual on Water Footprint Computation in Agriculture (Crop, Livestock and Fisheries) 2016
75 Participatory Water Management and Integrated Farming in a Canal Command 2016
73 Technological Options for Agricultural Water Management in Eastern Region of India 2016
72 Groundwater Modeling for Sustainable Aquifer Management in a River Island of Eastern India 2014
71 WQI to Monitor Water Quality for Irrigation and Portable Use 2014
70 Integrated System of Rice Intensification (ISRI) for Enhancing Land and Water Productivity 2014
69 The Science behind the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) 2014
68 Flood Induced Land Use Land Cover Changes and River Dynamics Assessment in Gujarat State, India 2014
67 Farm Level Water Footprints of Crop Production: Concept and Accounting 2014
66 Water Resources Development in Rainfed Areas and Livelihood Improvement of Farmers 2014
65 Groundwater Assessment in Kathajodi-Surua Inter-Basin for Sustainable Water Resources Management in Deltaic Aquifers 2014
64 Impact of Urban Wastewater Irrigation on Soil and Crop 2014
63 Water Budgeting and Management: Enhancing Aquacultural Water Productivity 2014
62 Socio-Economic and Resource Profile Analysis of Chandrasekharpur Village 2013
61 Socio-Economic and Resource Profile Analysis of Sogar Study Village 2013
60 Socio-Economic and Resource Profile Analysis of Bilaikani Study Village 2013
59 Socio-Economic and Resource Profile Analysis of Ainlatunga Study Villages 2013
58 Irrigation Water Saving Techniques for Post-Rainy Season Crops in Deras Minor Command 2013
57 Analyses of Rainfall and Soil Characteristics of Kuanria Canal Command for Water Resources Management 2013
56 Groundwater Development and Energy Use Dynamics for Irrigation in Odisha 2013
55 Spatial and Temporal Investment Pattern in Irrigation Development and its Impact on Indian Agriculture 2012
54 Links between Irrigation, Agriculture and Living Scenario in Eastern Indian States 2012
53 Application of Bio-drainage for reclamation of waterlogged situations in Deltaic Orissa 2011
52 Impact Assessment of Technologies on the Farming and Livelihood of Farmer 2011
51 Development of Alternative Canal Delivery Schedule for Better Water Use Efficiency and Crop Performance 2010
50 Plastic Lining for Water Storage Structures 2010
49 Performance Enhancement of Minor Irrigation System through Secondary Storage and Multiple Use Management 2010
48 Deep Water Rice and Pond Based Farming System for Enhancing Water Productivity of Seasonal Flood Prone Areas 2010
47 Integrated approach of crop diversification, soil and  rainwater management for enhancing agricultural productivity of rainfed  acidic land 2010
46 Reuse of Industrial Effluent Water - Prospect and Opportunities in Agricultural Perspectives 2009
45 Impact Assessment of Rehabilitation and Irrigation Management Transfer in the Minor Irrigation Systems of Orissa, India 2009
44 Characterization of dominant soil subgroups of Eastern India for formulating water management strategies 2009
43 Technologies for improving farm-level water productivity in Canal Commands 2008
42 Rice-fish Culture : An Ingenious Agricultural Heritage System 2008
41 Institutional arrangements and linkage mechanisms for irrigation management in Orissa 2008
40 Integrated technologies to enhance productivity of seasonal deep waterlogged areas 2007
39 Generating employment for rural poor through water management interventions : model design and estimate 2007
38 Spectral properties analysis and crop growth simulation modeling in rice 2007
37 Growth environment and production physiology of water chestnut under shallow waterlogged condition and swamp Taro in Marshy land 2006
36 Strategies for managing natural resources in coastal waterlogged areas at Chilika 2006
35 Blending of advance and traditional technologies for watershed management 2006
34 >Soils of Chhattisgarh : Characteristics and water management options 2006
33 Irrigation induced soil degradation in Mula Command Area of Western Maharashtra 2006
32 PRA study for resource characterization in a tribal dominated watershed 2006
31 Water users group dynamics and mobilization for participatory irrigation management 2006
30 Integrated management approaches for waterlogged ecosystem 2006
29 Water Food Security Scenario Analysis for 2025 : Study of Agro-Ecological region 12 of India 2005
28 Raised and Sunken Bed Technique for Improving Water Productivity in Lowlands 2005 2005
27 Crop diversification possibilities under different agro-ecosystem of India 2005
26 An integrated methodology for assessment of agricultural water management technologies from stakeholder's perspectives 2005
25 Wet Seeding in Spot: A promising water saving technique for Rice Cultivation 2005
24 Management of excess rainwater in medium and lowlands for sustainable productivity 2004
23 Detection and Quantification of Climate change Impacts on Groundwater Resources of Orissa 2004
22 Agro-Climate and Extreme Weather Analysis for Successful Crop Production in Orissa 2004
21 Development of an ideal and Replicable Watershed for Rainfed Rice Production System in Eastern India 2004
20 Comprehensive participatory water resources development and management in coastal agro-eco system of Orissa affected by super cyclone 2004
19 Purvi bharat ke jalakranta kshetro ke lieya labhadayak akki kruta krishi pranali (In Hindi) 2004
18 Farm-level constraints to efficient use of canal water in coastal Orissa and some technological interventions to enhance crop production 2004
17 Productive and profitable management of rainfed lowland rice area through intensive cropping and efficient water use 2004
16 Sustainable Integrated farming system for waterlogged areas in Eastern India - (in Oriya) 2003
15 Microlevel water resource development through rainwater management for drought mitigation in Sub-humid plateau areas of Eastern India 2003
14 Sustainable integrated farming system for waterlogged areas of Eastern India 2003
13 Crop diversification technology in rainfed upland rice area of Eastern India for increased productivity and rainwater use efficiency 2003
12 Hydro-Physical characteristics of Orissa soils and their water management implications 2002
11 Rainwater conservation and rice-fish integration for enhancing land and water productivity  2002
10 Participatory Resource Appraisal for preparing watershed action plan 2002
9 Participatory Rural Appraisal Technique for research prioritization to improve productivity of Rainfed Upland Ecosystem 2002
8 Major issues related to rainwater management in sub-humid and humid regions 2000
7 Rainwater harvesting in Plateau region of Orissa - Potential, prospects and technology package  1998
6 Agricultural productivity in Deras Command - A case study 1998
5 Effect of the dike height on water, soil and nutrient conservation and rice yield 1997
4 Some alternative strategies for managing water resources to enhance agricultural production 1997
3 Surface drainage requirement of DWARF HYV Rice (IR-36) during wet season 1994
2 Pointed gourd production improvement using rice straw mulch 1994
1 Surface drainage of lowland rice in Kushbhadra-Bhargavi doab in Orissa - A case study 1994

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